LBC Materials Register for Camp Glenorchy

The Headwaters has invested in thorough diligence about each of the construction materials being used at Camp Glenorchy. 

The table below contains all of the materials that have been researched for Camp Glenorchy for compliance with the Living Building Challenge (LBC) materials petal, to ensure those used on site do not contain Red List chemicals. The Red List is intended to identify and eliminate from the built environment the worst-in-class chemicals and materials from a human and ecological health standpoint. 

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Red List Compliance *

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Products are categorised by how the product conforms with the LBC Materials Red List.

  • Red List compliant: The product contains no Red List chemicals
  • Red List compliant (exception applied) : The product complies due to the application of an approved LBC exception
  • Declare label: The product has been awarded a Declare label by ILFI
  • Incomplete compliance documentation (approved for use): The product is expected to meet the requirements of the LBC Materials Petal but inadequate evidence has been provided 
  • Incomplete compliance documentation (required on site): The product does not meet the full disclosure requirements of the LBC Materials Petal but was required on site whilst research was still in progress.
  • Non-compliant (approved for use): The product does not meet the requirements of the LBC Materials Petal but has been approved for use on the project 
  • Non-compliant: The product does not meet the requirements of the LBC material petal but has been used on the project.


How to use this list

  • Material type: Materials/products can be filtered by their type 
  • Category: The materials category into which each product is grouped 
  • Manufacturer name: The manufacturer of the product 
  • Product name: You can use the search box to look up the name of a specific material or product. 

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The list above is a catalogue of products that were used during the construction of Camp Glenorchy as of March 2017. Products were selected based on the information that was made available to members of the project team by product manufacturers at the time of research.

The register has not been certified, approved or endorsed by ILFI or a third-party auditor for compliance with the Living Building Challenge Materials Petal.
The register does not serve as a product endorsement and the Camp Glenorchy project team makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information included.
Not all materials on this list are compliant with the Living Building Challenge 3.0 Standards as, due to issues such as market constraints, local code requirements, and constructibility, non-compliant products were used.

Just because a product was used at Camp Glenorchy does not mean it is appropriate for other building projects: project teams should conduct their own analyses and due diligence before selecting any products to ensure they meet their specific needs and that they have not been reformulated in a way that introduces Red List ingredients.



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