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Community Involvement

Creating something special that serves both visitors and the local community is what The Headwaters and Camp Glenorchy are all about.

Listening to what the community wants and needs has been core to the approach of designing something that serves the people who live in Glenorchy year-round as well as visitors from around the world who come here to discover the extraordinary beauty at the head of the lake, heart of the mountains. To date, we’ve met with hundreds of members of the community at community input meetings and one-on-one, and incorporated many of the good ideas we heard into the design of Camp Glenorchy, what we are carrying in Mrs. Woolly's General Store, why we should open Mrs. Woolly's Campground as interim accommodations, what will be served at the café, and ways the community can use and enjoy The Headwaters programming and facilities once it’s been built.

We are drawing upon local architects, landscapers, project management, and more as we collectively bring the vision to life.

New jobs, which we are filling with local talent who are excited about showcasing this special community at the Head of the Lake, will be created at each phase of the project.

In the short term, we’re hiring new staff members to help with the successful re-opening of the general store, and others who will continue to help us develop the good ideas we've heard and turn them into reality at Camp Glenorchy and The Headwaters overall.

The remarkable people of Glenorchy offer tremendous talents that we hope to share with visitors to The Headwaters. We’re thinking through how we can use our facilities to invite artists, gardeners, naturalists, farmers, and other smart folks to share their passions with the community and our guests through classes, workshops, lectures, exhibits and more.

Your ideas are welcome! Please send us an email at the address below - we'd love to hear your input.


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