Healthy Fresh Food

We believe that the quality of what we put in our bodies affects our quality of life.

At Mrs. Woolly’s General Store, fresh delicious food is a cornerstone of our commitment to healthy living. From seasonal produce and local eggs to the gluten-free fresh bakery goods that emerge from our ovens each morning, to the tasty layered veggie salads and savoury wraps available from our chiller, you’ll find a wide variety of ways to nourish the body and inspire new ways of thinking about eating.

Our grocery shelves are stocked with a surprising array of healthful staples and ingredients, and the culinary traveler will find both New Zealand specialties and tastes from around the world to build exciting menus and bring home special gifts.

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If you’re a chocolate hound, our curated selection of the best in New Zealand chocolates will tempt the palate, as will our fresh-baked salted chocolate cookies and our chocolate version of the world-famous Full Monty gelato sundae, served in a waffle cup with raspberries and organic chocolate chips on top.

Looking for something fresh and tasty, but don’t want to cook? Mrs. Woolly’s always has a wide variety of yummy choices to pre-order for camping, hiking, home or catering as you visit, live in and explore the gorgeous environment around Glenorchy.

Our kitchen wizards are eager to share their secrets to healthy, delicious eating: there’s always something on the calendar for our seasonal series of cooking classes. Each month you’ll discover something new from the lively range of choices of hands-on or sip-and-sample experiences, along with recipes, tips and tricks and discounts on the ingredients to make up your new discoveries at home.

So come by and experience it all!

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