The Headwaters 
& Camp Glenorchy

The Headwaters and Camp Glenorchy projects are underway in the picturesque township of Glenorchy, at the head of Lake Wakatipu, near Queenstown, New Zealand.

The old Glenorchy Camp Ground and General Store are being replaced with a full range of accommodations, products, and services for camping, holiday and everyday needs, serving both visitors and locals year-round.

The goal for the new buildings is to ‘educate, inspire and delight.’ The landscape team will restore native plantings to allow for additional green space and organic gardens to create a beautiful natural experience.

The site will be rebuilt using green design philosophies and sustainable operating practice, with Camp Glenorchy using 50% less energy and water than traditional buildings.


Construction Timeline

The Headwaters project will be undertaken in two phases over the next three-to-five years. Camp Glenorchy is under construction now and will be opening in late 2017.  We are currently in the design and feasibility process for Phase Two.

The two phases of development are:

PHASE ONE: Camp Glenorchy, under construction now, opening in mid-March 2018

In addition to the existing Mrs Woolly's General Store, Phase One includes building New Zealand's first Net Zero energy accommodations, Camp Glenorchy. It will provide 16 tenting sites as well as eight affordable shared bunk cabins catering for up to 86 beds for trampers, school groups, and families. There will also be seven caravan/RV locations, a community kitchen, dining room, amenities including public showers and laundry, and a covered campfire shelter in the campground. The organic garden and native nursery will also be started, allowing for native seedlings and plants to be grown on the larger site.

PHASE TWO: in design and feasibility phase 

Phase Two will complete the standalone overnight accommodations, which will replace the 20 original cabins with 8-10 one to three bedroom cottages, providing room configuration flexibility we’ve heard requested by visitors to Glenorchy.  It will also add a two-bedroom stone cottage as a destination gathering place with space for up to 25 guests to gather for special events there. A rebuilt Mrs Woolly's General Store will join a multipurpose community classroom which will double as a movie theatre, as well as a spa with two outdoor bathing tubs. The Headwaters Welcome Centre will offer local tourism businesses convenient shared space out of which to operate and a walk-up coffee bar will provide coffee and freshly-baked goods to our guests. It will take additional time to plan, design and build these buildings because of the multiple functions they will serve.


Mrs Woolly's General Store is open to serve the needs of visitors and locals while we continue to learn more about what products and services are needed by our customers. Our Head of the Lake Activities and Booking Centre will provide tourists with ideas and booking services for the wide range of things to do in the greater Glenorchy area.

All profits from the operations of The Headwaters, including Mrs Woolly's General Store and Camp Glenorchy, will flow to the Glenorchy Community Trust, to be invested in enhancing the vibrancy and resiliency of the Glenorchy community itself.


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Quotes ATreeIsNOthingWithoutItsRoots
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