Artistry and beauty surround you at Camp Glenorchy

Set against one of New Zealand's most stunning natural backdrops, Camp Glenorchy has been created with sensory delight in mind. 

Following the principles of the Living Building Challenge, Camp Glenorchy seeks to create a warm, welcoming place that inspire.

The designs of our buildings are deeply connected to the land and respectful of the surrounding environment. Throughout the site, guests will discover creative touches from New Zealand artists and craftspeople that both educate and delight.

Native plantings attract the local birds, and the meandering pathways are accented with rich stone mosaic medallions drawn from the Rees and Dart Rivers as well as from nearby streams and the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Internationally-recognised landscape artist Jeffrey Bale is Camp Glenorchy's Artist-in-Residence. You'll find his intricate stonework throughout the site, celebrating the fascinating geology of the region as well as the marvel of the Milky Way and twinkling stars in the brilliant night skies above.  

Camp GY Cabin Exterior w photoshopped porch

Each cabin features its own unique mosaic threshold, and the Homestead Building is bisected by cut native stones set into the floor, echoing the braided streambeds of the Rees and Dart Rivers that form the headwaters of Lake Wakatipu. Jeffrey's onsite artistry work continues, adding stories of the stone to those being created by our guests. [Jeffrey Bale below right, assisted by local Craftsman Matt Hood]

Matt Hood and Jeffrey Bale



Mountains green hills thru Campfire Shelter clerestory SM smaller file

Local Glenorchy artist Dan Kelly has designed and built the "heart[h]" of Camp Glenorchy, the impressive stone Campfire Shelter where guests gather 'round the campfire each night to barbeque dinner, enjoy the fire and share stories of their day. Built of massive local boulders and recycled vintage jarrah phone poles, the construction tells the story of the Scheelite mining industry that fueled Glenorchy's boom in the 1880s. The Shelter also features a kinetic water-powered sculpture inspired by the historic water-driven ore battery stamper that once operated at the mine at nearby Mount Judah.

Rees Valley 2 of 2

Artful framed imagery of the natural beauty that awaits you at Glenorchy's doorstep grace the walls of the cabins. Each an original taken by a Glenorchy-based photographer, the artistry of our local residents showcases the unique sense of place here at the head of the lake.

Whether it's the timeless patina of re-used timbers, unexpected handwork that makes a piece of hardware a piece of art, or simply a thoughtful juxtaposition of a piece of sculpture with a scene outside, beautiful, inspiring and whimsical artistic touches await you around every corner at Camp Glenorchy. Here artistry weaves together work by local artisans, New Zealand craftspeople and Mother Nature herself. 




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