The Glenorchy Community Trust

The financial and commercial structure for The Headwaters is a special point of difference:

The Headwaters (including Mrs. Woolly's General Store, Mrs. Woolly's Campground, Camp Glenorchy and all commercial operations under our umbrella) will donate its profits to the community trust.

The Glenorchy Community Trust (GCT) is directed by a group of local Glenorchy trustees. The Trust will receive all net profits from The Headwaters as well as donations from other public or private donors who wish to support community projects in and around Glenorchy.

The mission of the Glenorchy Community Trust is to support initiatives which promote a vibrant and regenerative community at the head of the lake.

The vision of the Glenorchy Community Trust is a that the head of the lake community is a vibrant and resilient community that cares for its people and its place.

Although The Headwaters operations won’t produce any real profits for several years, the GCT has now been set up as a legal entity and $20,000 will be deposited into the trust each year until profits are made.

The founding trustees, below, will be developing the Trust’s grant guidelines and operating policies which will be announced in 2017.

  • Ruth-Ann Anderson
  • Debbi Brainerd
  • Paul Brainerd
  • Paul Ferris
  • Amanda Hasselman
  • Katie Russell
  • Geoffrey Thomson

To find out more, browse the Glenorchy Community Trust website here.


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