Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre gives people an opportunity to learn about Camp Glenorchy while it is being built. 

We aim for Camp Glenorchy to inspire better and more beautiful buildings and lives around the world. To help achieve this we're sharing stories about the design decisions, products, and building methods used in the project.

While the detail behind these stories will live on our website, the project Discovery Area - situated next to Mrs Woolly's General Store - gives the local community and visitors an introduction to the thinking behind the design at Camp Glenorchy while it is being built. Here you'll find detailed information about the Living Building Challenge, the seven design "petals" we've used as our guides for the choices we've made, and more information about Phase 2 of The Headwaters, planned for the future. 


1 Sustainability Panel WEB  2 Health and Happiness Panel WEB  3 Water Panel WEB  4 Energy Panel WEB

5 Place Panel WEB  6 Beauty Panel WEB  7 Materials Panel WEB  8 Equity Panel WEB


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