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There are lots of exciting things happening at the Campground these days!

To find out more about events and what's happening in Glenorchy, check out The Headwaters Events Calendar.

Mrs Woolly's Campground — now open for the summer and autumn season — offers assistance with discovering all the fun and beauty in and around the Glenorchy area. Our expert staff at the Head of the Lake Activities Booking Centre will help you explore and book one of the dozens of ways to take home experiences, memories, new friends, masterpiece photos that *you* took and tales to tell your family and friends. Stop by the kiosk at Mrs Woolly's Campground, and we'll be happy to help.

Spring, autumn and summer bring a range of fun activities to the area, from live music to cooking classes, races, fairs and more. There's always something new to see and do, whether just kicking back and relaxing, tramping the beautiful trails nearby or skydiving and ziplining for the thrill of your life. Come spend some time off the beaten track at the head of the lake, heart of the mountains.

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