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In mid-March 2018, Camp Glenorchy opened the doors to New Zealand's first Net Zero energy range of visitor accommodation

Come to Glenorchy to take in the beauty and adventure of one of New Zealand's most inspiring destinations, and discover the comfort, beauty and state-of-the-art sustainability features that await you at Camp Glenorchy.

Just 40 picturesque minutes north of Queenstown along the shores of sparkling Lake Wakatipu, Camp Glenorchy offers an unparalleled opportunity to relax, unwind and connect with nature. Set in an inspiring setting framed on each side by the soaring Richardson and Humboldt Mountains Ranges, and iconic Mount Alfred and the Earnslaw Glacier to the north, Camp Glenorchy is the perfect home base for exploring the many tracks, waters, sites and activities nestled here at the head of the lake, heart of the mountains. 

Mt Alfred view of the top of the lake by Martine deWit 05 Nov 16

Visitors will have a unique opportunity to experience first-hand how thoughtful design, healthy materials and sustainable practices can conserve resources, with the goal of inspiring guests to pursue similar conservation approaches in their own homes and communities. Camp Glenorchy features resource-efficient buildings that reflect and celebrate the natural and cultural environment, landscaping that restores native plants to the area, and creative elements from New Zealand and international artists and craftspeople. Built to a European standard of efficiency, the quiet cabin rooms keep guests cosy in winter and cool in summer, optimising energy use for both comfort and sustainability.

Campground GY 5

Guests will use an in-room tablet to select and monitor their energy use as well as learn about passive solar generation, ecologically-sound wastewater treatment, composting toilets, organic food production and other aspects of living more lightly upon the land. All guests will be able to monitor their energy use to see how their choices compare to others throughout the Camp, as well as others who have stayed in their cabin in the past.

Camp GY Cabin interior view

 Recycled and repurposed materials from other South Island buildings have been used extensively throughout the during construction, and all structural walls, floors and roofs are built from toxin-free materials to ensure health, comfort and quiet throughout the year. In addition, thoughtful design and careful resource conservation literally runs through Camp Glenorchy in the form of beautiful braided stone mosaic walkways and lush native plantings. 

 Cabin 1 stone medallions SMPhotography 2017 9




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