Project Updates

The Headwaters, General Store and Camp Glenorchy are works in progress. Keep in touch with what's happening by signing up for our Newsletters at the bottom of this page.

Summer 2016 Community Update - December 2016

  • New Website Launches for The Headwaters
  • Creativity Abounds: Artists Shape Character of Camp Glenorchy
  • New Lightweight Camper-Trailers

Winter 2016 Community Update - May 2016

  • Camp Glenorchy Update
  • Mrs Woolly's General Store
  • Thank You

Spring 2015 Community Update - October 2015

  • Highlights Since the Last Newsletter
  • Giving Up the “Glenorchy Marketplace” Name
  • Summer 2015-16: Mrs. Woolly’s Campground
  • What’s Happening On Site?
  • News About the General Store
  • Glenorchy Community Trust
  • Head of the Lake Activities Booking Centre
  • Warm, Hearty After-Hours Cooking Classes 

 End of Summer Community Update - May 2015

  • News About the General Store
  • Steve Hewland Steps Into General Manager Role
  • Glenorchy Community Trust Established
  • Camp Glenorchy Master Plan Updates
  • Dan Kelly’s design for the campground shelter at Camp Glenorchy
  • Beautifying Oban and Coll Streets
  • Highlighting Glenorchy’s Activities and Accommodations for Visitors
  • Warm, Hearty After-Hours Cooking Classes

pdf Summer 2016 Community Update - December 2016

pdf Winter 2016 Community Update - May 2016

pdf Summer Community Update - 4 March 2015

pdf Glenorchy Update - Spring 2014

pdf Glenorchy Marketplace Q&A - July 2014

pdf Glenorchy Update - May 2014

pdf Letter To Community - March 2014

pdf Marketplace Project - Summary


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