The Garden Classroom

The Headwaters includes an on-site production garden that will provide fresh food to the café, produce to the local weekend farmers market, and act as an educational resource for visiting families, schools and students to learn about the food cycle.

  • Gardens will become living laboratories that provide a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment and experience nature in a hands on learning environment.
  • The entry portal to the site will provide a paved space that invites people into the greenhouse or to explore the raised beds.
  • In the greenhouses, visitors can learn about the seeding, cutting and division of plants and their early stages of life, as well as the intricacies of the controlled environment and components of developing a garden.
  • Raised beds will show crop rotation and display a wide variety of vegetables and fruit grown on site for consumption.
  • A composting zone will support discovery about growing healthy soil, food cycle and organic reclamation.
  • Rainwater collection and storage will showcase ideas for capturing and re-using rainwater throughout the site for irrigation.


The design of the Garden Classroom is in the process of incorporating ideas gathered from local gardeners.


garden classroom

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